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Thursday, December 19, 2019  / 5-8 PM

An Intimate  Conversation with 

Willie A. Watkins / 5-6 PM

This successful businessman will share his story of wins,

losses and overcoming adversity. 

 This conversation will be followed by the WEMC Holiday reception

WE HHM Upstairs Watkins.jpg
W Watkins HS.jpg

Three experiences you don’t want to miss

1. Join us for an intimate conversation with West End’s business tycoon Willie A. Watkins. Hear his story-learn the successes and failures that built his mortuary business. The first of our LEGENDARY SERIES featuring entrepreneurial giants in the Historic West End community.

2. Also view Hammonds House’ current exhibit, “Lit without Sherman, an ode to the West End” by Artist Shanequa Gay’ This exhibition loses on December 22 after a successful 6 month run. In the second floor gallery larger than life size images are painted on the walls depicting West End luminaries. O. T. Hammonds, Lottie Watkins, Pearl Cleage, H. Rap Brown, Rev. Albert Cleage, and Willie Watkins.


This FREE EVENT is brought to you by the West End Merchants Coalition and is followed by a holiday celebration of  complimentary food, beverages and networking.

Sponsored by Concil Member Cleta Winslow, The Atlanta Beltline, Inc., This evening is FREE and Open to the public.

Three of 6 murals - Rev. Albert Cleage, Lottie Watkins, and Willie Watkins.

This evening is FREE

and Open to the public.

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